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The review center which provides the best preparation for the Civil Engineering and the Geodetic Licensure Examination in the Philippines.



In September 2005, after handling review classes for two decades, five civil engineers decided to form a review center that will be more responsive to the student's needs. Armed with a full grasp of the intricacies of the trade, they envisioned a center that will truly address the students' problems and inadequacies. Thus, REVIEW INNOVATIONS was born. 

Pooling their resources and banking on their experience, these five review instructors went full throttle to establish a review center that will provide the students the best preparation for the licensure examination. Their vast experience was invaluable; their desire to serve the students better made them indefatigable. To them, the students' welfare should always be top priority.

REVIEW INNOVATIONS stands out as the first CE-GE review center that takes full advantage of powerpoint presentation in their lectures. The center has equipped all its review rooms with multi-media projectors for this purpose. With this, the presentation of the lectures is greatly enhanced. To ensure that the students are keeping in pace with the lectures, REVIEW INNOVATIONS incorporated weekly evaluation examinations in their review schedule. Consequently, students are really compelled to take their preparation for the licensure examination seriously early on.

The dedication, perseverance, genuine concern, firm resolve of the five pillars of REVIEW INNOVATIONS paid dividends. Against tremendous odds, REVIEW INNOVATIONS has captured the hearts and minds of may aspiring civil and geodetic engineering board examinees and has become the most-sought after CE-GE review center today.

But the men behind REVIEW INNOVATIONS are not content in sitting on their laurels. Today, with the addition of highly competent and committed professionals who share their vision, they continue to find ways to serve their students even better.

Indeed, as long as one puts his heart and soul into it, with God's Grace, nothing is insurmountable!

  • Highly competent and dedicated full-time instructors with unmatched review training experience
  • Review program that is attuned to the changing times
  • PowerPoint-aided lectures using state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment
  • Weekly evaluation exams + Mid & Final Pre Board Examinations to ensure that the students are keeping in pace with the lectures
  • Greatest number of review hours


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