Introducing Take N' Exam - an online review platform

Introducing Take N' Exam - an online review platform in partnership with Excel Review Center, that is available to users nationwide.

Why you should subscribe? If you are taking your review for licensure examinations seriously, Take N Exam endeavors to take your review process to new heights.

Take N' Exam will provide Readings feature that allows you to browse massive questionnaires from the Reviewers you subscribed. You can customize and let the system show you questionnaires by subject or narrow it down by topic. With real-time statistics, you will know how many of our current reviewees got it right or how many got it wrong. If you find the question challenging, then simply send it to your friends and see how they answer. It's fun and easy.

Start your review today even if your are still on your 3rd or 4th year level.

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Optimize success and let Take N' Exam take your reviews a step further.

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