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Your own Dashboard

Our Dashboard is an easy to read, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation in a single page summary and analysis of your review performance.

Want to know how many examinations or practices you have taken? We have it all on record and we automatically calculate your overall average efficiency in real time.

Interact with News Feed

The news feed is one of the  key features in Take N’ Exam. It keeps the app both dynamic and interactive.

As your friends post updates of their activities such as taking an exam, reading a particular topic, checking who obtained the highest score, accepting a test challenge, reviewing previous pre-board questions and more, are automatically reflected in an interactive news feed.

Shared Examinations

Anytime and anywhere, you can join the fun. Take an exam from shared examinations created by anyone within our network. They could be your classmates or someone from other Universities. Now that’s fun! Seeing how you rank alongside anyone else.

Or how about examinations created by all your followers and friends? Not a problem, Take N’ Exam provides you a way to see all examinations shared by your friends. It’s easy and fun.


We want you to be a part of a clean competition that will not only enhance what you’ve learned but making yourself engage, search and become versed. That is why we created Challenges.

You may take as many challenges as possible to ensure mastery and confidence. After all, passing the licensure exam is your ultimate goal.

Just review, Readings

You don't like to practice and just want to read? No problem! Readings is a feature that allows you to browse massive questionnaires from our review materials. You can customize and let the system show you questionnaires by subject or narrow it down by topic. You also have an option to only show questions that are tagged as premium.

You can also read from the questionnaires you have previously bookmarked.

Simulate Actual Examination

Take N’ Exam can simulate actual testing environment. You can create examination or practice. Select which subject or you may also narrow down to per topic. Choose how many questions you want to take, set the time limit and its difficulty level. It will automatically generate randomized questions and choices for you, then you can start to practice.

If you wish to invite friends, it will be just as easy. Just find them and send an invite.

Compatible with Any Device

We want to bring the service to a device that you are most comfortable with.

Our app can adopt to Multiple devices.  

We also design the application to be responsive, adaptive and friendly to any source of media especially the tablet. Effective review is highly achievable at your fingertips.

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