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With the recent deluge of on-demand services, many of us expect whatever we want with the push of a button, whether it’s food, a ride or pretty much anything else. So why not e-learning and help our students and aspiring professionals go through an automated review process and pass the licensure exams?

Adaptive Review System

Simulates actual testing environment thereby boosting chances of passing your licensure or board examinations.

Real time, Comprehensive and Interactive

Share your track, challenge friends and see how you rank against anyone. Start discussions and collaborate as you learn and build your capability.

Simple and Flexible

You will have freedom to learn at your own convenience, and at a pace that is right for you.

Quick results and Feedback

Integrated online review tests to rapidly gauge pace of learning.

Superior Retention

With attractive design and user experience, online review can prove to be a more effective learning method.

Wider access to experts

Easy access to comprehensive content and subscribe to more than one Reviewer to maximize learning.

Take N' Exam helped me tremendously in preparing for the boards. With an enormous library of questions in each topic, it helped me prepare for the by knowing what to expect in the exam. The best part is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere so that no time is wasted!


Simple, fast, and of course portable - Take N' Exam had been of tremendous help to me during my review days. You can't go wrong with your subscription!

Engr. Francis Amarille Bautista - 2nd Placer MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY- MANILA

Take'N Exam helps me to prepare on taking the board exam. My foundation on basic concepts are strengthened. Mastery Exams covers the easy unto the hardest type of question. All you just need to do is to learn the concepts underlying on the questions presented and you will have a high chance in passing/topping the board exam. Kudos to all of the people behind TNE.

Engr. Aaron Polancos - 1st Placer MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - MANILA

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Electronics Engineering, Electronics Communication Technician, Electrical Engineering, Registered Master Electrician, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and soon Accountancy, Education and Civil Service.

You have to register at my.takenexam.com, make sure that you have properly selected which course you wish to review. You may contact www.excelreviewcenter.com for activation of your account.

You may contact www.excelreviewcenter.com for instruction of payment. You can pay thru bank deposit or any accredited money remittance center.

You can subscribe to more than one Reviewer. This will give you better review experience by accessing multiple review materials from different Reviewers.

The more Reviewer you subscribe, the better chance for you to even top the board.

We do not encourage you to share your account. It will only defeat the purpose of having your dashboard as your critical information provider of your performance. If you share your account, you can no longer be certain of your statistics.

YES. All you have to do is to create an offline reading. You can even put any practice examinations, mastery tests, and even past pre board examination to go offline for your readings. 

By then, you don't need an internet connection. You can read or review anytime, anywhere.

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